The object in the 21st century

Autor: hasting, j.

Idioma: INGLES

Nº Edición: 1º

Año Edición: 2007

Páginas: 215

Código: 7926



In a world falling to pieces, a new breed of art objects is capturing its fractured allure in three dimensions. UNMONUMENTAL features recent work by thirty contemporary sculptors at the vanguard of their craft, selected by one of contemporary art’s top curatorial teams. The sculptures in UNMONUMENTAL are forerunners in a major new artistic development. They are powerful but patently un-heroic; assembled from bits of the world at large, they are sardonic metaphors for our time. The artists featured in the book range from the just-emerged (Tobias Buche, Claire Fontaine, Gedi Sibony) to the internationally renowned (John Bock, Isa Genzken, Rachel Harrison). UNMONUMENTAL is generously illustrated with large full-color photographs of the works, most of which have never before been published. UNMONUMENTAL was created in conjunction with the inaugural exhibition of the New Museum of Contemporary Art’s landmark new building, designed by Seijima + Nishazawa / SANAA, on the Bowery in New York.