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Año Edición: 1997

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The American bathroom has gone from the most unmentionable to perhaps the most sybaritic room in the house. Today, bathrooms are designed for refreshment, replenishment and fun. Dreamers can while away hours in a rose-petal-scented bath, tired athletes may soak stressed muscles in a therapeutic bath, and kids can cavort in a bubble bath. A superbly designed new book, ”The Art of the Bath,” by San Francisco talents Sara Slavin and Karl Petzke, will inspire even more ways to enjoy bathing. It details the rich history of the bath – from Cleopatra’s milk bath to Summer of Love Jell-O baths to cheerful country tubs in the great outdoors. Best of all, there are recipes for cooling and soothing drinks to enjoy, along with ideas for hair rinses, baby baths even flea teas for dogs. With its fine collection of poetry and romantic photography, this is a book to savor–where else? —- San Francisco Chronicle