100 graphic designers, 10 curators

Autor: aa.vv.

Idioma: INGLES

Nº Edición: 1ª

Año Edición: 2008

Páginas: 444

Código: 8214



AREA_2 is the second volume in Phaidon’s acclaimed AREA series. This series is part of Phaidon’s collection of ”10×10” compendiums, including CREAM, FRESH CREAM, BLINK, 10×10, 10x10_2, and SPOON. 

AREA_2 features 100 of the world’s most interesting emerging graphic designers, as chosen by 10 of the most respected figures in the field. The book contains over 1,500 images that reveal the talents and trends of contemporary graphic design as it has evolved over the past five years. AREA_2 is an international, up-to-the-minute overview of graphic design today, featuring posters, books, magazines, typography, packaging, and ephemera that has influenced visual culture.